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  1. 下载 ‘Duels 1.3.zip
  2. 下载 ‘modified_spawntools.7z
  3. 解压这个两个压缩包到服务器的插件文件目录中
  4. 服务器加载这个这些创意工坊地图- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil…/?id=810773843
  5. 设置 max slot limit to 16
  6. 完成

There might be bugs as this is still beta, so if you find any, please report them! And please report them with as much information as you can get.

项目地址:GITHUB: https://github.com/boomix/csgo-duels


  • !status: 当遇到游戏出bug的时候可以在聊天框打这个命令,查看出错信息。
  • !guns: 选择武器。
  • !spawn: 管理员命令,传送到特定点位或修改地图出生点位。
  • !challenge: 向其他玩家发起挑战
  • !accept: 接受挑战
  • !stop: 取消挑战任务


  • !status: while plugin is still in beta version, there is status command to get information about different things. If you or someone gets stuck or some other bug happens, would be nice to get info from this.
  • !guns: pick your guns, with what you want to play.
  • !spawn: admin command to teleport to some kind of arena. Mostly will be used to create custom spawnpoints.
  • !challenge: option to challenge others players, friends.
  • !accept: command to accept the challenge.
  • !stop: to stop challenge if your inside.



  • sm_print_damage_given 1: Print in chat how much damage is given to enemy.
  • sm_show_username 1: Show username in left top corner.
  • sm_prefix “{GREEN}[DUELS]{WHITE} “: Prefix for the chat.
  • sm_enable_rifles 1: Allow to pick rifles from guns menu (for pistols only servers set 0).
  • sm_enable_pistols 1: Allow to pick pistols from guns menu (for rifles only servers set 0).
  • sm_give_armor 1: Give armor to player when new duel starts.
  • sm_give_helmet 1: Give helmet to player when new duel starts.
  • sm_weapon_menu_on_join 0: Open weapon menu (default menu) when player joins the server.
  • sm_enable_awp_duels 1: Enable AWP duels option.
  • sm_duel_delay 1.4: How long it will wait to find a new enemy (longer time means winner will stay longer in arena after duel win, but there will be bigger possibility to get different opponent).
  • sm_nodamage_new_enemy 25.0: After how long period of time we will search for new enemy if there is no damage in that arena
  • sm_all_player_killfeed 0: 0 will show ony killfeed in top right corner of your own kills, 1 will show all kills.
  • sm_flashbangduel_enabled 1: Enable flashbang duel
  • sm_custom_duel_chance 50: Percentage of possibility to get a custom duel
  • sm_challenge_min_players 4: How many player minumum are necessary to be able to use !challenge
  • sm_challenge_enabled 1: Do you want to enabled !challenge feature

cfg/sourcemod/1v1DM/game_cvars.cfg (here are default startup cvars, you can change roundtime here and other stuff)
addons/sourcemod/configs/1v1DM/weapons.cfg (here you can setup what kind of weapons you want to have available for player)


Always weapon skins: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2112938 . 解决武器皮肤不显示的bug。


1. Fixed memory leak (worst hitreg problem + crash problem) Thanks zipcore for help
2. Created !challenge or !duel command to challenge other players (play 1v1 vs the same enemy all the time)
3. Added translations file (for now only English and Chinise)
4. Some other small bug fixes



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